Simply Pets Basix Game Changer for Dogs 2kg

Simply Pets Basix Game Changer for Dogs, formulated as a multi-source protein, complete and balanced, venison- and ostrich-based meal for dogs. The meal is biologically appropriate, raw frozen meat-based meal for dogs. Real meat-based food for cats and dogs is naturally rich in bioavailable amino acids (protein), a source of many natural vitamins and minerals, including micro-nutrients such as selenium, iron, and niacin, in a format that the body recognizes as real and not artificial. This increases the body’s affinity to the food for digestion, absorption and structural functionality, and does not put a strain on the immune system and energetic body wisdom. All our meals contain pure heart muscle, which is naturally rich in taurine. Available in 500gr flat packs (bags) and 2kg tubs.


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Simply Pets Game Changer for Dogs

Scientifically formulated as a Complete and Balanced Meal for dogs, the Basix Game Changer for Dogs is venison- and ostrich-based budget-sensitive raw food meal for dogs. In short, ingredients include: Venison (game) and ostrich meat, organs, vegetables, fruits, oils, minerals and vitamins.

Why Simply Pets?

  • Nutritionally formulated as Complete and Balanced;
  • Venison- and ostrich-based multi-protein real food for dogs;
  • Biologically appropriate raw and real food for dogs;
  • Contains no grains artificial colors and flavors;
  • Food is applicable to all life stages;

Why This Formula?

  • Budget sensitive formulation;
  • Contains no grains;
  • Support Healthy Immune System;
  • Contribute to Healthy Skin and Coat;
  • Help Manage Lean Muscle and Weight;
  • Contribute to Dental Health.

As a rule, please note that the meal include finely ground bone. All our premade meals are registered with the Department of Agriculture.

❄️ This is a frozen product.

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